Christian and Myesha are both introverted yet outgoing individuals. Private Parts was conceived specifically as a public display, designed to challenge the social limitations of their perceived personalities.


Private Parts is an ongoing collection, with past features such as:

  • Pushing The Boundaries, Art Seed Studios, Spokane WA
  • Lights Out: An Experimental Multimedia Experience, Houston TX
  • Art Crawl Houston, Warehouse District, Houston TX

Portrait Collection

In its physical presentation, the collection is curated in darkness to emphasize the subject's vulnerabilty and shyness.

Part I

Shower #2 Blur #1 Blur #2 Shower #1 Tryptic #2

Part II

Self-love is a cycle
Bending over backwards is a cycle Submission is a cycle Reflection is a cycle Falling into yourself is a cycle

Part II Video