This website houses creative productions for Christian Freet and Myesha Callahan Freet and is a platform for their ongoing works. It both provides background for past projects and serves as a curated space for continuing development. See their work for a deeper perspective.

CallahanFreet's use of social platforms is limited to periodic cross-posting to this site's content. Please view their accounts at Instagram and Vimeo.


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Constant introspection allows us to remain grounded and self-aware — every week 52Weeks documents the flow of our thoughts and our personal evolution.

Culminating in a series of large-form paper portraits, You’d Look Better With A Smile is a multimedia exploration into the intrusive behavior of men through the artist’s reaction to having been told, you’d look better with a smile on your face.

Christian and Myesha are both introverted yet outgoing individuals. The project Private Parts was conceived specifically as a public display, designed to challenge the social limitations of their personalities.

This is a simple curation of our favorite moments, in life and creativity. We Means 3 and its intimate moments are documented no where else but here.

Perception is everything. Smoke demonstrates the concept of relativity by asking the viewer to describe their vision, thus equalizing the viewer with creator through the application of these abstract shapes.

Experimental projects in motion-based art — view examples of our Video-based projects.

Philosophy and love converge here to celebrate friendships and community. Entries in Synchronicity are dedicated to friends and family with whom we share a common point of view.

Our Journal is a collection of musings on family, opinion, and philosophy. We post there when it suits us.